Gary Weiner is one of the best lawyers I have ever met. He took a genuine interest in assessing my situation, helping me find the best outcome possible, and guiding me through the entire process. He helped me achieve much better results than I expected. Gary delivered excellent value for the services I paid for. In retrospect, I’m very glad I reached out to him for advice. I would strongly recommend hiring Gary Weiner.
— Sergio T., business owner Whittier, California
In recent years, I have found Gary to be an amazingly resourceful coordinator of the First District Court of Appeal ADR program. The Office of County Counsel is involved in a wide variety of appellate matters, and Gary’s ability and experience has proved invaluable in resolving cases. Since the County Counsel offices within Northern California collaborate on significant extra jurisdictional and statewide matters, I am pleased to report that Gary’s “can do” reputation, judicial demeanor, and effective program management is recognized and respected throughout the First Appellate District.

Prior to Gary’s work as the Appellate ADR coordinator, he was the trendsetting Sonoma County Superior Court ADR program coordinator -with great vision, leadership and success. During this period, I worked closely with Gary as a member of the Sonoma County Bar Association (SCBA) executive committee, including as 2004 SCBA President. Gary was and remains universally respected for his commitment to access to justice issues and also the important ability to turn innovative ideas into practical real-world solutions and programs. This included work in non-court activities, such as student outreach and mentoring programs, the Consensus Council, and a wide range of community social initiatives.

Gary is the real deal who gets the job done.
— Attorney in Public Law Office, Santa Rosa
Gary is a very astute and experienced attorney and mediator, which is an ideal combination. Gary represented my husband and I in a personal injury case that settled in the first session of mediation. I highly recommend Gary and consider him a friend as well!
— Diana L., personal injury client